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Enviro-Lynx Investigations is a leading provider of specialized investigation services. We specialize in international due diligence investigations, business background investigations, financial investigations, fraud investigation, online investigations and environmental investigations. We also provide a full range of litigation support services. We have been in business for more than 15 years, have offices in several locations around the globe and a 'customer first' approach to case management. All of our investigators are Professional Certified Investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners or Certified International Investigators. So if you find yourself in need of a professional investigator ... consider contacting us. We can help! All inquiries and services are strictly confidential.


Cyber Services

Cyber Investigations

Enviro-Lynx Investigations is a leading provider of online information, intelligence and investigation services. A legal online investigation can assist you in the following areas:

  • Document Online Activities
  • Verify the Veracity of Online Companies
  • Identify / Locate Online Companies
  • Investigate Online Claims and Fraud
  • Investigate Cyber-Crime
  • Capture Websites, Posts, Photographs, Video and Recordings
  • Locate Information / Activities / Posts for Evidentiary Purposes
  • Preserve Online Evidence for Court

Whether an online investigation is conducted on its own or as part of a larger investigation, our experienced investigators can help you. All investigations are documented and digitally preserved along with any evidence developed throughout the course of an investigation.


Cyber-vetting investigations or internet vetting is used to vet an individual’s or entity’s online presence or internet reputation. Such investigations may involve looking at social and professional network profiles, blogs, posts, photographs, websites and deep web activities.

Cyber-vetting is being used increasingly by many current and potential employers, business partners, security agencies, law enforcement agencies and companies requiring varying levels of security clearances.

Cyber-vetting is not conducted recklessly. It is conducted with purpose and only when clear internet vetting policies are in place.

Social Media Investigation

Social media investigations specifically look at an individual or company’s social media posts, status updates, photos and conversations.

While many investigators can conduct a social media investigation, investigators that specialize in this area use specialized software that helps make the investigation more time and cost efficient. A good social media investigator will also have a greater understanding of the ethics involved in conducting such investigations as well as the knowledge to obtain / provide evidence in a format that is usable in court.

Social media investigations are commonly used as part of a court case, as part of a background investigation or as part of a risk assessment.

Social media investigations are not conducted recklessly. They are conducted with purpose and only when clear social media policies are in place.

Web Monitoring Services

Web monitoring is a very useful tool in identifying information trends, activity trends, corporate changes, brand management, new products, employee moral, customer opinions, consumer support and competitive intelligence.

As part of our web monitoring services, we conduct regular scans of the web and the deep web for any mention of an individual, company, product, brand, personal identifies, numbers, addresses etc. By doing so, we are able to identify both positive and negative information that has been uploaded onto the web.

Web Monitoring Services

A positive online reputation is key to a company or brand’s success. It is important to know what a company or band’s online reputation is so that it can be managed appropriately.

We offer a number of eReputation services including reputation monitoring, management of online content, unwanted content removal, exposure of anonymous attackers, internet defamation investigations etc.

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