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Environmental Investigations

Private Investigator has a long history of providing litigation support in environmental cases and conducting environmental investigations on behalf of land owners, grassroots and community based organizations, conservation authorities and small business.

We also conduct environmental auditing and verification activities for companies looking to ensure that their employees, suppliers, contractors or subcontractors are performing their business related activities in compliance with stipulated contracts, environmentally policies and/or procedures.

Environmental Records

Using a variety of public and private resources, we can conduct a number of environmental searches to that can identify:

  • the current and historical owners of a property.
  • the current and historical neighbors of a property.
  • the current and historical uses of a property.
  • the pollution release in a given area.
  • the location of current and historical dumps, waste sites and landfills.
  • the location of water wells.
  • the location of underground storage tanks.
  • the key environmental concerns in a given area.

We can also obtain fire insurance maps, topographical maps, historical aerial photographs, inspection reports and site plans for a given property and / or location.

There are so many reasons why companies choose to conduct corporate intelligence. Basically, corporate intelligence provides the background necessary for an effective decision making process. It can also be used to support due diligence, corporate, financial or fraud investigations as well as litigation activities.

Site Reports

In many jurisdictions, the purchaser of a property often assumes unlimited liability for the environmental condition of a purchased property. So do your research before you purchase a new property by obtaining one of the following reports:

SITE REPORT: Utilizing federal, provincial and private sources, a site report helps to identify a property's historical land use and its current environmental risks. A site report includes a site diagram, a statistical profile highlighting the results of a comprehensive environmental database search, a site profile and a detailed report.

STANDARD REPORT: Similar to a site report, a complete report includes all of the same information as well as information on neighboring properties (within 250m radius on each side). This provides the buyer with an understanding of environmental risks that may indirectly affect the property in questions. Site report is CSAZ768-01 compliant.

Testing & Monitoring

We can conduct soil, water and air sampling. We can also develop monitoring programs to ensure regulatory compliance or identify ongoing issues.

Photo Gallery

For a look at some of the environmental investigations that we have been involved with, please go to our PHOTO & VIDEO GALLERY to view some photographs and videos taken at various location in Ontario.

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We can conduct soil, water and air sampling. We can also develop monitoring programs to ensure regulatory compliance or identify ongoing issues.

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