Open Source Intelligence

Do you really know who you are dealing with?

Let us help you find out exactly who you are dealing with before signing contracts, taking on new vendors or clients, extending credit, hiring new employees or management, buying a property or a business, contemplating a merger, initiating international business activities or investing your hard earned money. Our goal is to reduce your risk exposure and improve your decision making process by providing you with the most up-to-date and affordable information possible! So whether you need a quick public record search, valuable corporate intelligence, a due diligence report, a business background investigation or litigation support ... consider contacting us. We can help! All inquiries and services are strictly confidential.


Open Source Intelligence

Open source intelligence is a form of intelligence collection that involves finding, selecting and acquiring information from publically available sources and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence.

An open source intelligence investigation may be conducted for a number of reasons not the least of which is to serve as background intelligence for all other types of investigations.

OSINT is often viewed as a merging of corporate intelligence, competitive intelligence and business intelligence and can often provide you with the key information you need prior to making important decisions such as opening branch offices in other jurisdictions, outsourcing production / services, initiating litigation activities or commencing business activities in high risk areas. In fact, a robust OSINT program can be used to gather data and monitor this data for changes over time.

Corporate Intelligence

Corporate intelligence provides domestic and foreign intelligence profiles on companies and their owners, directors and shareholders. By providing you with comprehensive intelligence reports, you are better able to make informed business decisions and evaluate new opportunities.

Corporate intelligence can mean different things to different people. The scope of corporate intelligence can range from something as simple as obtaining a business report to tracking corporations activities to developing an integrated intelligence umbrella that is used to guide a company’s overall business strategy.

There are so many reasons why companies choose to conduct corporate intelligence. Basically, corporate intelligence provides the background necessary for an effective decision making process. It can also be used to support due diligence, corporate, financial or fraud investigations as well as litigation activities.

Risk Analysis Intelligence

Risk Analysis provides high quality business intelligence and risk management solutions to financial, legal and corporate clients globally.

Our risk analysis services are backed by security risk specialists who are able to provide real-time intelligence in emerging political, social and security environments. Regional experts assist in providing context to the intelligence collected and together we can help guide you during your crucial business ventures and developments.

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