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When George Orwell wrote his famous book "Big Brother is watching you" "Big brother is watching you" in 1984 and meant here brother largest intelligence services of all kinds, and although the revelations form a great shock to many at the time did not imagine that he would one day become a genetic fingerprint registered, all telephone calls recorded, each e-mail you send recorder, all purchases via registered credit cards, all bank accounts activities registered, all your travels and your movements registered and not only that but be absolutely sure that they are not registered, but also that the content of an open and there is always from reading the electronic messages and keep the files so he sent Aa M when lying to your wife and what you plan to do the next day!

- When Mr. Orwell wrote his famous book was taxi drivers in London do not put the background for fear of violation of customer privacy sitting in the back mirror!

Now, with modern technology every kilometer go in your car recorder, all your banking registered "even those falsely called a secret!" Each site you visit online registered! And it does not stop at this point, even when you travel and you carry your passport biometric are registered places you are more than 400 times during one trip through electronic points have been planted around the airports and public facilities.

Yesterday I was you alone after God knows what you did and what intend to do, but now, it has become the number of those who know more than your ability to count!

If you people do not care about your freedom and privacy that is right for you already, there is no need to incur the trouble or browse our request for our services or help us and what is sufficient for you lost it from time to read these lines! If you're actually trying to live free and inviolable dignity does not share your secrets Big Brother! What we offer you the services on our site will receive inevitably Admire so surprised!

  • Second passport and second citizenship with the possibility of legal name change
  • Legal residency programs
  • Diplomatic prestigious services
  • Immigration and Visa Services
  • Secret bank accounts managed online
  • Bank accounts without a name
  • Credit cards without a distinctive name
  • The establishment of offshore companies and companies recommendation and joint stock companies Bearer (without name)
  • Ordinary electronic special investigation services
  • Computer programs for advanced anti-spyware

And many other distinctive services

As the custom with all financial services in the world today, we invite you to investigate our club and we are sure that you will find us trustworthy, honest and most importantly are able to product or service that Taatmnaha secure and timely and high professionalism, like you like thousands of customers by you.

What we do services is not an ordinary act! In an attempt to protect your privacy and our privacy, and because of the nature of some of our products and services and the sensitivity Club privacy tools do not always accept phone calls and is not contacted by telephone Bzbainh except in some special cases, and do not accept random inquiries!

If this policy does not suit you or you’re not comfortable with, please do not request our services and you can instead go to the nearest local bank and informed of the story of your life full, which in turn sends it is incomplete to the older brother and take advantage of its services, or go to a consultant immigration in your country and let him help you by traditional methods. We are sure that those who respect the nature of our work will highly appreciate the privacy of our club policy.

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